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Underground (2009) #3


It takes three minutes to read. Maybe four. There’s like a fifteen page fight scene.

It’s effective and all–the villains are complete scumbags and Parker does get a lot of concern going for the protagonists–but three minutes? Fifteen pages?

It’s even worse than I’d worried. I can’t even imagine waiting for these issues to come out, considering the rapid pacing. I almost feel like skipping the fourth issue and going straight to the fifth to get done with it. It’s not like I’m going to miss very much. There isn’t a single character moment for either protagonist in the issue. There isn’t even a reaction shot when the ranger boy plummets to his presumed death with the girl looking on.

I think Lieber disliked the Whiteout movie (I disagree), but if he doesn’t want to have Hollywood Hollywood-ize his work, he should stop doing Hollywood-ready comics.

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