The Dead Boy Detectives (2001) #2


Ah, perhaps my apprehension comes from this issue… it’s not bad at all, but it’s more focused on the backstory of a supporting cast member than it is on the two leads (who act really silly at one point, playing dress-up with wooden swords, an activity I associate much more with eight year-olds than the leads in this comic). It’s a nice showcase for Talbot’s artwork (except the ghost eyes again), since it lets him do stuff modeled after wood carvings of the Middle Ages and such, as well as the modern London scenes.

Brubaker’s working in a framework here–there are chapters, they open with text exposition–and it feels fine… but again, I’m apprehensive. I don’t want to get too enthusiastic because I know (or think–or kind of remember) it takes a hit.

But it’s shocking how well-produced Vertigo limited seres used to be.