Aria (1999) #3


I suppose, given an art change–one as significant as losing Anacleto–some slack should be given. But Roy A. Martinez–who did some filler on the second issue–isn’t even in the same genre as Anacleto….

Worse, it’s pretty clear Holguin’s script was for Anacleto to illustrate, not a fill-in guy. Especially not a fill-in guy unable to keep his characters looking the same throughout and has an atrociously bad understanding of facial structure.

There’s a lot of… possibly cool stuff this issue (if one imagines Anacleto illustrating it); it’s the worst place to change artists. Aria, being an Image book, obviously had to make some sacrifices. But if the only draw to your book is the artist, changing him is going to have an effect.

Especially given Martinez’s further inability to make his scantily clad women attractive.

On the other hand, the best writing so far.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Hmmm..I guess Holguin’s writng is what made you curious about this title. If I remember correctly (haha), Anacleto is the one associated with the success of this comic despite Holguin probably did most of the conception. I’ve heard he’s a dentist for his full time gig, so anything close to a schedule on the art is out…as for the comic itself, I found it pretty dull, not particularly original, and got through it on the pretty pictures alone. Don’t think I made it to a third issue. I am a fan of Roy Martinez, although you’re right, his style is miscast for the book. The next guy, Lan Medina, is a great draftsman and you might rmemeber him from the first Fables arc. He can also draw pretty magical people too.