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I Am Legion (2009) #6


No, Nury doesn’t pull it off or even right the course. Instead, he uses the lovely plot device of possession to utterly confound and get a visually effective conclusion.

It’s never clear, not once, how the vampires work in this story–or why they have to be the Dracula brothers, other than for effect and it’s a cheaper one–for example, how can they control people from great distances? Isn’t there a hub? If not, why….

Then there’s the ending. It’s totally counter to everything else in the issue. At least regarding the vampires.

With the war espionage, Nury just presses a reset button. It doesn’t make any difference. The events of the story–the dying, the suffering–have no effect on the world at large. He doesn’t even leave any characters to care about. Except the silly romance.

I’m rather disappointed. It’s a solid narrative exercise, but artistically barren.

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