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The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #274


The Beyonder and Mephisto place a bet on Spider-Man’s ability to sacrifice his personal wellbeing for others. How stupid a storyline is that one? It’s Spider-Man. The character’s entire premise is based on his personal misery.

It’s a mess of an issue, as the Secret Wars II crossovers are clearly straining the entire Marvel line at this point–the issue features more Beyonder than Spider-Man and more Mephisto than Beyonder. It’s inexplicable why this issue is even worth publishing, since it’s a done-in-one amidst a huge crossover (the status quo is returned at the end, with the possible exception of Peter Parker worrying about Christmas).

The art’s awful too–with four pencillers and three inkers. I like DeFalco’s work in general (or have on the previous two issues of Amazing), but there’s almost nothing going here–except the repeated assertion Peter doesn’t love Mary Jane.

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