I Am Legion (2009) #5


Well, that turn of events is a little disappointing. I probably missed it earlier, but it’s not about the two Dracula brothers and a little sister, it’s about the two Dracula brothers, one of them inhabiting a little girl. The whole thing is a lot less compelling now… I’m not sure why.

Nury races through this issue. The first issue or two took a long time to read, there was a lot of information. This one just breezes by; even for an action issue, it’s rapidly paced.

I guess he made the little girl possessed in order to engender some more concern for her or whatnot, but it really just made me indifferent to the whole thing. As he approaches the conclusion, without really making any solid characters, Nury needs to create a compelling melodrama and he doesn’t here.

There’s always next issue, I suppose, to pull it back together.

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