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The Mighty (2009) #9


Maybe it was a movie script. I can’t think a time DC did one of those before–adapting a movie script into a comic when it wasn’t an adaptation–but Marvel did it with a Dr. Strange series once. It’d really explain The Mighty‘s pacing; the series probably reads great in trade, without the breaks, just because it’s all coming at you, snap, snap, snap, and the cliffhangers in the issues just ruin the flow.

This issue is an all action issue beyond my standard use of the term. Absolutely nothing happens here except Cole running from Alpha One and having a couple, but not enough, tricks up his sleeve. It feels like a four minute sequence in a movie, which is why my comment earlier. It works as a visceral experience, but certainly not as a comic book.

And I still can’t believe they killed Cole’s wife off panel.

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