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The Mighty (2009) #10


It’s kind of like an Elseworlds title–instead of Red Son, it could be Superman: Iron Cross or something. Alpha One’s a Nazi, just a … altruistic one. His full origin is revealed here (it’s not really Superman, but it’s close enough) and it finally slows The Mighty down. The reader finally has to pay attention–too bad it’s happening in the tenth issue instead of the third or fourth.

Tomasi and Champagne never hint the truth about Alpha One’s sinister plans (actually, they’re just Machiavellian and the issue’s cliffhanger and limited time to resolve imply a particular ending) before this issue so it’s a bit of a surprise. It’s thoughtful and unexpected. Unfortunately, it’s a little too late.

After spending so long hiding the secret (in a series with way too fast pacing), there’s no time left for them to do really anything with it but quickly wrap it up.

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