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Batman: Cacophony (2009) #1


Who knew? Kevin Smith can write one heck of a Batman comic. And his buddy, Walt Flanagan (who spent many years as a punchline in Smith’s films), can draw well enough. I’ve certainly seen far less professional looking Batman comics than Cacophony.

I haven’t read a Smith comic in ten plus years–since Daredevil. He does a good job of doing a big Batman story–sure, it’s a Joker story really–but Deadshot shows up for a second and it all of a sudden reminds of great, pre-Dark Knight Batman stories. Or, at least, good ones.

Smith’s Joker, who can’t shut up about sex, is probably the best Joker I’ve read in a long time. Smith maintains the insanity and evil, but still makes him–somewhat annoyingly–fresh.

The more I think about the comic and what it does, the more I like it.

I’m very surprised it’s good.

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