The Mighty (2009) #8


Again with the terrible pacing. It almost seems like Tomasi and Champagne are happy once they’ve got one conversation an issue; everything around it is filler. And this issue is almost entirely a talking heads book (with the exception of Alpha One getting pissed off and doing something really suspicious like bury a ticking nuclear bomb).

There’s still the lush color, so the book looks incredible–Samnee, who I’m mostly unfamiliar with, is a fantastic artist–but again, there’s a lot of writing issues.

It’s the bothersome logic stuff. A superhero–the only superhero–has time to sit around and watch over six hours of movies without saving anyone? Why has Alpha One forgotten about all of Cole’s suspicions (apparently forgotten)?

There’s also the first hint at the true origin of Alpha One. Tomasi and Champagne reference Superman as an inspiration of sorts, which works well.

Engaging but too short.

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