Muppet Robin Hood (2009) #4


The series isn’t terrible; it has cute finish. Not a particularly successful one, but a cute one. There’s a lot of goofiness, not just in the narrative but in the handling of it.

For example, when Disney gave Boom! the kids comic license, were they aware Boom! was going to do a page and a half of text with some nonsense about the writer disappearing? It’s supposed to be funny, but it falls flat (a Boom! comic making jokes about bad writing in Hollywood when so many of their projects have been Hollywood-bound properties is just lame).

Speaking of lame, the Crusades are a rock band, led by Pepe the King Prawn (get it, king?). I’m assuming this “creative” decision was made for kids, who aren’t going to learn about the Crusades in school so why should they learn about them in a comic book.

It’s a weak move.

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