Muppet Robin Hood (2009) #3


Beedle comes closer to–no pun intended–making a bullseye this issue than the previous two suggested he was capable of doing. There’s some of the silly anachronisms, but even they don’t stand in the way of it finally turning into a Robin Hood story.

I can’t remember if the archery contest is a Robin Hood standard (I know the Little John fight on the bridge is one and I sort of remember the contest from Disney’s Robin Hood), but it provides Beedle with some action and a dictated pace. Trying to tell a Muppets story in summary apparently hasn’t been working for Robin Hood and now, with the bad guys being bad, not funny, it’s getting good.

There are still a lot of solid jokes–Fozzie following Sam Eagle around with a little Sam Eagle doll is hilarious, even if it doesn’t technically fit–and the cameos are better.