Captain America: Reborn (2009) #3


In what universe couldn’t Brubaker tell this story in five issues? There’s an undue amount of padding going on here and it had better be worth it when I get to the sixth issue. I don’t like how Steve’s message to the future is going to be hung over my head for at least another issue and I don’t like how–well, I really just don’t like the juxtaposing.

Brubaker was always more comfortable with Bucky as Cap and Reborn feels like he’s going to revert the book back to being solid (if poorly paced in terms of plot revelations) fun instead of something more.

I mean, if it really were the adventures of Steve unstuck in time–the stuff about being stuck in ice over and over again is fantastic but Brubaker drops it once the scene’s over–it would have the chance at being sublime.

Instead, it’s mechanical.