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Captain America: Reborn (2009) #4


And now I’m completely confused again. If Steve Rogers’s mind is unstuck in time, how come his body comes back at the end of this issue? If you’re going to use “Quantum Leap” science, at least do the reader the courtesy of giving the “Quantum Leap” explanation–it’s okay, no one thinks you’re original anyway (kind of like how Conway cribbed from The Wolf Man in some of his Werewolf by Night exposition).

It’s a terribly paced issue; Brubaker could have done this stuff in a quarter of the room. Even with the revelation from the past I figured he’d wait on more.

For some glorious return of a character (who everyone knew was coming back, so maybe he didn’t need a glorious return), Reborn‘s underperforming on all levels.

The pleasure is supposed to be in the trip–from no Cap Steve to Cap Steve. Reborn‘s got a major flat.

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