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Captain America: Reborn (2009) #2


And now for my next issue–with the series, I mean. We’re reading about Steve getting unstuck in time and reliving his life (kind of like that Flash Secret Origins where Barry’s death is really being unstuck in time, but getting to see it) as Bucky and the Black Widow try to resurrect him. Wouldn’t Steve have gotten unstuck some time previous to their external efforts? It seems rather contrived. Maybe if they’d run with a classic Cap back-up and then revealed it to be the “new” classic Cap adventures.

It’s still solid superhero work from Brubaker, but he’s getting ulcers over this one.

Also, the mix is bad. Bucky’s Cap now and Steve’s Cap. It doesn’t reconcile those two mutually exclusive conditions. Not in terms of continuity, but in terms of who’s the main character.

Hitch’s art is starting to annoy me. I hear it just gets worse.

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