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Captain America: Reborn (2009) #1


One of the most fun things about Brubaker’s Captain America run has been how he updates the old seventies style Cap stories for the modern era. Reborn runs into a problem with this bit, however. Brubaker’s devise for bringing Cap “back,” is a very complicated time machine–the malfunction of this machine, no less, has left Steve Rogers unstuck in time–and he explains it in a couple pseudo-scientific paragraphs. Apparently having Hank Pym around makes it seem reassuring, though the last time Hitch drew Pym, he was a spousal abuser, right?

I find Reborn to be something of a hard sell at this point. It’s got a lot of potential, but as a superhero version of Slaughterhouse Five, not a blockbuster event.

I also really do think Hitch is sort of boring as an artist. His placement of characters and his angles kill spontaneity.

Still, I’m open-minded.

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