Secret Wars II (1985) #5


I kind of remember this issue. It ends with the Marvel heroes beating up on a melancholy, downbeat Beyonder. He shuffles off while they bicker over what to do.

One of the benefits to running a company and writing its big crossover is no one’s going to tell you you’re an idiot. Shooter’s got a checklist of all the things he wants the Beyonder to show the reader–it’s like a tour of the Marvel universe–this issue it’s the Celestials. The Beyonder goes and beats them up because he’s having self esteem issues.

Why is the Beyonder having self esteem issues? Because Shooter can’t think of anything else to write about.

This issue pairs the Beyonder with a thirteen year-old sidekick (she looks eighteen at least); if Shooter was going for her age being any kind of emotional factor, Milgrom failed to convey it.

Terrible beginning to end.