B.P.R.D.: 1947 (2009) #1


I don’t have an opinion yet. Of the story, I mean. The art is wonderful, obviously, it’s Bá and Moon.

But the story… is a pickle. It’s not the Professor’s story, it’s the story of his agents, his agents who are very likely expendable. So we open this new story knowing the four men we meet may all die by the end. A sole survivor situation seems likely as well but five issues isn’t enough to bother trying to guess.

So what do the writers leave us with? There’s a cliffhanger, a couple really, one quiet, one loud, both adding up to the same thing. Once again, there’s a deliberate carefulness to how the period is presented. It’s accurate and informative, without any exposition. It’s masterful storytelling to be sure, it just doesn’t compare well with the first series (yet).

I wish I could be more upbeat; it feels perfunctory.