B.P.R.D.: 1946 (2008) #4

BPRD 1946  4

I’m going to have a hard time on this response. There are monster gorillas at the end. Monster, cybernetic, Nazi gorillas. It must have been murder waiting for the final issue.

The thing I like most about this issue is when the soldier, the regular soldier, finally loses it on the Professor. He gets knocked down by his CO and all, but it’s been a couple issues coming. There’s a lot of emphasis on reality in 1946 as evidenced this issue with the Nazi general who reminds his interrogators the Nazis were a working class revolution.

It’s a convoluted issue–not in a bad way, I just can’t figure out how one issue’s going to be enough to wrap it up. This issue has the second issue’s villain returning, plus a new villain.

I like how the comic’s conscious of the situation in Berlin, just doesn’t try to make metaphors.

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