B.P.R.D.: 1946 (2008) #5

BPRD 1946  5

Mignola, Dysart and Azaceta pull it off.

They don’t exactly pull it off the way I expected (I’d forgotten the conclusion) but they still come through.

Instead of doing something collected, they go all out with a Nazi space rocket and vampires fighting robot gorillas. Let’s not forget the cybernetic Nazi monkey, he was kind of my favorite. I can’t believe a monkey being a Nazi though. They must have brainwashed him.

In other words, they go crazy. It’s a big lunacy absurdist piece. The craziest thing in the comic might just be the decapitated Nazi mad scientist flashing back to loading up all the vampires with his gorilla and monkey sidekicks. It’s just crazy.

But it’s still serious. The scene where the sergeant saves the Professor, it’s amazing. The scene where the little demon Russian girl plays with her doll because she’s upset, amazing.

The whole thing’s just amazing.

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