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B.P.R.D.: 1946 (2008) #2

BPRD 1946  2

The cartography of this issue is simple. It opens in this secret Nazi asylum, then they go to a bar, then they go to a house, then they go back to the asylum. However, a whole lot happens at the bar, even though it’s all in conversation (the army guys come to respect the Professor), a whole lot happens at the house (the series’s hook, Nazi vampires, is revealed) and then a lot happens on the way back to the asylum (the history of the Nazi vampires, the history of the “little girl” who runs the Russian investigation team).

It’s a full and rich experience and completely unlike not just other mainstream books, but it’s unlike almost every comic book. The plotting seems more based on television than comic books. It’s not an issue, it’s an episode.

Here’s where I, on my first read, decided it was a great comic.

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