B.P.R.D.: 1946 (2008) #1

BPRD 1946  1

I’ve read this series before and mostly remember it (no, I don’t), but I’m shocked how little reaction there is from the Professor over his Russian counterpart, Varvara (who’s apparently a little girl).

It’s a strange scene, the most striking before the last one and the last one is a lead-in to a cliffhanger. Seeing as how 1946 is the only B.P.R.D. series I’ve read, it makes me wonder if this kind of strangeness is common in the franchise.

The issue’s incredibly solid–I love Azaceta; it’s really traditional too. It’s a first act, an introduction. The cliffhanger comes as a surprise even, since there’s so little action or hint at action until that point. Instead, the comic’s a lot of history. It really appeals to the historian in me, I suppose.

There’s also a particular way the writers deal with groups. It’s very three dimensional, very well done.

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