ROM (1979) #72


Oh, is Rick Jones green and fat as a superhero because he’s supposed to be “hulking out?” Mantlo never made it clear in the writing.

I think I’ve tried to read Rom before and failed. This issue is better–and Rom-free–than the last one I tried. Maybe because Ditko draws the Beyonder like Gene Simmons with a jheri curl. It’s so atrocious one can’t look away.

Mantlo actually gives a lot more thought to the Beyonder than Shooter does in the regular Secret Wars II issues and I’m sure if Mantlo had written that series, it would have been better.

I’m not saying, obviously, this comic book is any good. It’s actually pretty damn lame. It’s just a better characterization. But only of the Beyonder. Rick Jones is beyond lame in this comic (I didn’t even know he was in Rom)–he’s never even seen Pinocchio.

Big yawn.