Batman and Robin (2009) #4


Philip Tan’s an interesting choice for Batman and Robin. He’s absent any personality, which actually doesn’t hurt the book during the Red Hood’s scenes. Morrison’s characterization of Jason Todd is as a complete nutjob lamer, which works pretty well. He also seems like he’s ready to get creepy with his underage sidekick.

There are two excellent things in this issue. First is Dick Grayson trying to play Bruce Wayne at a charity function. It’s endearing and entertaining (though I wish Morrison had let Damian a little more lose amongst the society types). The second thing is Batman and Robin on stakeout together. Again, endearing and entertaining, without losing the edge Morrison’s established for the series.

The rest of the issue is either action, crime boss talk (which offers some hints at the first arc’s secret villain) and the Red Hood. Those scenes don’t matter too much. They’re epical, not sublime.