Spider-Woman (2009) #2

Sw 09 2

If they’d released this issue without any text, just Maleev’s awesome art, it would have been much, much better.

The issue opens with Jessica in jail (no costume) and probably has a present action of fifteen minutes. Maybe ten. It’s inanely pointless. I haven’t read a Bendis comic in a while, at least not one making up a story-arc, so I’m left wondering if he’s just filling pages to get the collected edition to a certain price point. Obviously the guy’s overworked and doesn’t think a lot about what he’s writing, but still… this comic book probably took him twenty-three minutes to write. While he was watching an episode of Webster.

I’m hesitant to judge the series’s potential based on this stupid, “aliens among us” story-line, but Bendis is making it harder and harder for me to remain open-minded.

What’s he going to screw up next?