Batman: Unseen (2009) #3


Here’s one of those “it just don’t make sense” moments. Batman versus the invisible man and Batman can’t take him in a fight. I thought Batman was a ninja and can’t ninjas fight in the dark (look at Daredevil)? Moench’s take on the character emphasizes detection over martial arts ability and, while it works in terms of providing an interesting read, it makes the Batman-oriented fight scenes awkward. Is Unseen supposed to be some kind of pre-1990s Batman Elseworlds, before all the paramilitary nonsense?

Probably not. Moench was probably just trying to it some dramatic oomph; he’s the goddamn Batman after all, he’s supposed to be able to defeat anyone.

Still, the series is hitting its stride. There is a disconnect, however, in the Bruce Wayne scene. Jones makes it excessively creepy (hulking Wayne, cowering subordinate), not matching Moench’s script at all.

Two issues left seems too many.

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