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Batman: Unseen (2009) #2


The second issue meshes a lot better. Moench has calmed his whole, “no one’s afraid of Batman anymore” subplot (it’s still present, but he’s not drawing attention to it anymore), and he’s mostly letting Jones do an invisible man story. Batman’s all supporting in this issue, which instead concerns itself with the invisible mad scientist revolting against his gangster handlers. Both Jones and Moench seem a lot more comfortable with it, as it becomes clearer Batman really doesn’t have a place in the story. He’s an addition at this point.

However, Moench does go through the trouble of actually making Batman a detective here. I’m never impressed with Batman’s detecting skills (he seems, in the detective stories, to go through everything fist-first, like a Bogart detective, instead of actually detecting), but Moench gets close. It’s really simple stuff, but it’s a definite effort.

This issue’s better then the first.

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