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Herogasm (2009) #4


It’s entirely unclear why this issue should be part of Herogasm and not part of The Boys proper. Ennis finally explains a little more about “Vic the Veep,” who’s sort of like the retarded messiah from Preacher, but the vice president. He also explains what happened with the U.S. government on The Boys’s 9/11–I’m not sure that story is entirely necessary, but Ennis and company do a good job.

Speaking of the company… there’s a little of the superhero debauchery this issue, but not much. Without changing styles, McCrea and Burns switch gears and tell a really effective “real world” superhero story. Their visualization of Vic is terrifying.

The issue’s all exposition–the Boys appear but have nothing to do but ask questions–but it’s well done exposition. Ennis knows how to do this kind of issue and he does it.

The art’s the real star here.

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