Secret Wars II (1985) #2


So, I guess in the Marvel style rules, no one gives the colorist a copy of the plot–at least not in the case of this issue, which has a bunch of action during the day and everyone talking about how it’s dark out and is the middle of the night. It’s like seeing a scene meant for day for night in some movie getting shot on the wrong film.

This issue isn’t just a wrongly colored action scene, however, it’s a disaster in twenty-five pages. Shooter is putting so much into his comic, presumably to encourage reader interest in every possible book the company was publishing at the time, bakes a cake with the ingredients of ratatouille. It’s a complete, constant mess, but with recognizable ingredients from time to time.

It’s a terrible comic.

Some nice art from Milgrom in here though. It’s impressive he could keep up.