Frank Miller’s Robocop (2003) #7

Fmr 7

So there’s that scene in Unforgiven where Clint Eastwood shoots the unarmed man and comments he should have armed himself, which is something like what happened about twenty-five years earlier in Hombre, but whatever.

This issue has Robocop killing a bad guy in a torturous manner. Apparently, Miller thought having government employees torture people was awesome way back in the late eighties, which answers the question of whether he was a fascist before 9/11 or just after.

It is an unpleasant, irresponsible, asinine scene, which probably sums up this entire series. I liked Steven Grant’s column when I read it, but I appear to hate his writing. Not because he writes fascist, sexist crap, rather because he can’t construct a narrative. He’s a nice guy though. Interviewed him once.

The comic’s winding down, stupider than ever. With two issues left, I shouldn’t be dreading reading them so much.