Agents of Atlas (2009) #5


The “Dark Reign” tie-in, at least the storyline Parker started with, ends here with a rather convenient uncontrollable outburst from killer robot M-11. It ties into the first issue’s backup story, which probably cuts down on Atlas‘s accessibility to new readers, but certainly rewards the faithful.

Pagulayan’s return is a double-edged sword, while it does present the guest-starring New Avengers in a more familiar light, it (and Parker’s general approach to the narrative) make eighty percent of the issue feel like New Avengers with Agents of Atlas guesting. It’s a neat device, presently the New Avengers with their traditional introduction, but it’s disconcerting, especially for a book only on its fifth issue.

Unexpectedly, Parker makes Temugin into a full member of the team, while still using him as comic relief. It’s a nice move, if sudden (this issue eschews a straight follow-through from the last).

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