Batman (1940) #337


Okay, so the Batman story is about Batman fighting the bastard, half-human offspring of a yeti and the Robin backup is about Robin trying to clear his friend of murder. The Batman story is probably better, but maybe not. I mean, it’s kind of dumber–Gerry Conway overwrites the narration and the dialogue is all exposition (no worries about “jumping on” here–Conway makes sure the whole thing plays to the layperson)–but it does have the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez art, which is fantastic.

Still, the backup has Don Newton and he’s got a nice way of making Robin look not too old. Except the Robin story’s even more idiotic. Dick Grayson goes to a circus in the middle of nowhere to be an aerialist; there’s a murder and he tries to solve it as Robin. No one’s going to put two and two together?

It’s a fast read, very comfortable.

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