Kewber Baal

Jennifer Blood 6 (November 2011)

Ennis’s time on Jennifer Blood does not end well. Not well at all. He doesn’t just not bring back the diary, like he promised, but he also totally changes the narrative approach. This issue, for the most part, is a monologue from Jennifer Blood. There’s a little with the neighbor, which ends poorly as well. […]


Jennifer Blood 5 (October 2011)

Kewber Baal takes over on art. They should have just gone with a different artist each issue. It would have, hopefully, encouraged Ennis to give each issue a specific tone. Instead of what he does now… regurgitating each previous issue with less effort. This issue gives the reader Jennifer Blood’s backstory, which includes the revelation […]


Jennifer Blood 4 (September 2011)

Marz takes over Jennifer Blood and the results are disastrous. He’s incapable of drawing human anatomy (everyone’s way too tall) and it kills anything the issue has going for it. Ennis introduces the Ninjettes this issue; they’re teenage hit girls so already he’s being somewhat derivative of Kick-Ass, which is sad. I don’t want to […]