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Jennifer Blood 5 (October 2011)

Kewber Baal takes over on art. They should have just gone with a different artist each issue. It would have, hopefully, encouraged Ennis to give each issue a specific tone. Instead of what he does now… regurgitating each previous issue with less effort.

This issue gives the reader Jennifer Blood’s backstory, which includes the revelation Jennifer was the mother’s name and Jennifer Blood refers to her parents by their first names. It doesn’t fit. It’s also incredibly confusing because Ennis is all of a sudden expecting the reader to remember the bland character names he’s been using in the series.

Baal’s art is more ambitious than his talent delivers. He draws all his women the same and doesn’t know how to do transitions. Between him and the flashbacks, the issue confounds.

There’s little narration here, which Ennis comments on. Pages late, sure, but at least he woke up to notice.

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