Jean Diaz

Incorruptible 4 (March 2010)

Someone does look at this book, right? Before it’s printed, I mean. Jean Diaz’s artwork is so not ready for prime time… I say it every issue I imagine. He’s just so static, so bad. And with an all action issue, it’s especially horrendous. This issue’s a little better because most of it is a […]


Incorruptible 3 (February 2010)

Wow, it’s best issue so far. It’s still a complete piece of crap, but it’s the best issue so far. Why’s it the best issue? I have no idea, maybe I’m just being generous. Maybe the art is a little bit (we’re talking on the microscopic level) better. Or maybe because Waid isn’t having his […]


Incorruptible 2 (January 2010)

I read this comic because I wanted to mock it. I could have said I wanted to attempt to reconcile the excellence of Irredeemable with the worthlessness of Incorruptible; the result is the same. Waid’s adventures in a post-Plutonian world would have probably been okay as a limited series without the nonsense with the villain […]