Incorruptible (2009) #2


I read this comic because I wanted to mock it. I could have said I wanted to attempt to reconcile the excellence of Irredeemable with the worthlessness of Incorruptible; the result is the same.

Waid’s adventures in a post-Plutonian world would have probably been okay as a limited series without the nonsense with the villain turned good. The book’s at its “best” during these scenes..

Jean Diaz really sucks. I mean, the guy’s not ready to doodle on a notepad, much less draw a “big” comic series. Besides Max Damage (great name, by the way, wasn’t it the name of a gay porn star on “Law and Order: SVU”?) having a different face every panel, Diaz draws the underage Jailbait sidekick at about age twenty-eight, which really hurts her whole storyline.

What a piece of crap. I hope Boom! keeps it coming. These reconciliation posts are stress-relieving.

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