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Incorruptible (2009) #1


Is Incorruptible the worst comic book ever?

No, not by a long shot, but it’s pretty terrible. The amount of expositional dialogue alone suggests Boom!’s now paying Waid by the word. And if you want to talk about “decompressed” narrative, Waid could have fit this issue’s story into three or four pages if he were actually trying to write a comic book here, instead of just cashing in on Irredeemable‘s success.

What’s additionally lame is how it’s clearly an afterthought. This character wasn’t in the issues of Irredeemable I read. It’s a retcon after less than a year.

Boom!’s got a terrible track record with spinoffs–the Hero Squared spinoffs were atrociously bad–and Incorruptible‘s no different.

I guess the art’s okay, but the character designs are lame.

There’s a lot of illogical, nonsensical “morality” in this one. (He’s not a murderer, he’s just a killer!).

Absolute garbage.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Serious misfire here. Either Waid needs an editor to get an objective veiw of these stories, or he's being force fed a diet of Ritchie outakes as fodder for new books. The sad point is this could of been a decent spin off, an examination from another angle of the events in Irredeemable. Instead, it just reads as a half assed, and sophmoric. While you would think that Boom would treat it's premire franchise as a valuable property, this book somewhat negates that. This book was so off kilter that I wasn't even convinced it took place in the same universe! When you see such resouces that are used in comics treated like this it seems a shame that this book was green lit in it's current form. Ugh.

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