Greg Smallwood

Dream Thief 3 (July 2013)

Okay, so the lead doesn’t kill people, he gets possessed by wronged people and they kill people. Nitz wasn’t clear though before. This explanation gets the lead off the hook a little for killing his girlfriend. He was possessed by the guy she’d murdered. Anyway, this issue has the lead–his name’s John Lincoln but it […]


Dream Thief 2 (June 2013)

This issue of Dream Thief isn’t just better than the first, Nitz sets a high bar for the series and its ambitions. Besides the opening page’s narration–and some cuts to the protagonist talking to his sister–most of the issue is the lead thinking in the mind of a dead guy. The comic is a little […]


Dream Thief 1 (May 2013)

I’m not what I’m supposed to think of Dream Thief. Not to spoil too much but the protagonist kills his girlfriend–the day after cheating on her–because she’s just mistakenly killed someone she suspects of breaking into her house and tying her up and threatening to kill her. It’s unclear if Jai Nitz wants the reader […]