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Dream Thief 2 (June 2013)

275147 20130620141143 largeThis issue of Dream Thief isn’t just better than the first, Nitz sets a high bar for the series and its ambitions.

Besides the opening page’s narration–and some cuts to the protagonist talking to his sister–most of the issue is the lead thinking in the mind of a dead guy. The comic is a little like “Quantum Leap” mixed with the movie Frailty. The protagonist kills murderers and gets the victim’s memories.

This issue, which has a bit of action too–the weaker pages are the action ones–are the protagonist trying to figure out what to do while he’s suffering from having another person or two in his head.

Nitz also plots the issue really well. There are constant developments. It probably helps he starts with the protagonist “waking up” and having to remember everything while moving forward.

The only negative is the surprisingly weak normal dialogue.


Writer, Jai Nitz; artist, colorist and letterer, Greg Smallwood; editors, Everett Patterson and Patrick Thorpe; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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