Aaron Sowd

Detective Comics 786 (November 2003)

For the finale, Bruce does some detective work again. Gordon’s missing so Batman tries to retrace his steps, with Alan Scott along to see how detective work is done. Brubaker sends them on a different line of investigation than Gordon had, which makes sense in terms of creating an interesting narrative… but Gordon’s was better. […]


Detective Comics 785 (October 2003)

This issue Gordon gets to do all the detecting and Batman gets to beat people up. Actually, Batman teams up with Alan Scott and they go beat people up together. They’re trying to get information and don’t get much. Gordon’s actual detective work pays off. While, yes, Batman probably could have done the work in […]


Detective Comics 784 (September 2003)

Oh, look it’s Batman actually detecting things in Detective Comics. Ed Brubaker sets up a very interesting case, with a serial killer from Green Lantern Alan Scott’s days in the forties apparently returning. He splits the issue mostly between Jim Gordon and Batman, but Scott gets some pages too. Toggling between Batman and Gordon proves […]