Judd Winick

Detective Comics 784 (September 2003)

Oh, look it’s Batman actually detecting things in Detective Comics. Ed Brubaker sets up a very interesting case, with a serial killer from Green Lantern Alan Scott’s days in the forties apparently returning. He splits the issue mostly between Jim Gordon and Batman, but Scott gets some pages too. Toggling between Batman and Gordon proves […]


Catwoman 3 (January 2012)

I didn’t get too excited over Winick’s Batman and Catwoman thing because it seemed, if sensational, generally fine. So I was a little surprised when he gives it a bunch of emotional weight this issue. And Winick has gotten a lot better with his Selina narration. He isn’t trying to establish anything, he’s just telling […]


Batwing 3 (January 2012)

Good for Winick. Even though this issue of Batwing is a letdown–it’s too action oriented, not to mention all the outdoor daytime scenes means no interesting backgrounds from Oliver–it’s just a weak issue of a decent series. Opening the comic with one of the series’s most serious looks at African teenage soldiers probably helps it […]