Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth

Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth 8 (January 2014)

At this point, Kristensen and Perker have fully embraced the bit. Every scene, even if it eventually ties to another scene, is a bit. There’s a Santa bit, there’s a Joan Crawford bit, there’s a Satan’s nice kid bit. It’s all a bunch of bits strung together. The regular cast members no longer have anything […]


Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth 7 (November 2013)

Todd doesn’t jump the shark with this issue; instead, Kristensen and Perker sort of hop the boat. They send Todd to Hell–literally–and he has to take Charon’s boat across the River Styx. So, the creators aren’t exactly being exclusive–River Styx knowledge isn’t particularly high, but it’s smart. It’s a smart reference, it’s a smart turn […]