Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth 1 (January 2013)

Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth is delightfully disturbed. The titular protagonist is so ugly, he has to wear a paper bag around. But that ugliness does save him–there’s an axe-wielding child killer on the loose who lets Todd go because he’s so hideous.

But I’m not sure I would call writer Ken Kristensen’s humor disturbed; Todd is never uncomfortable, Kristensen’s jokes are just outrageously inappropriate.

M.K. Perker’s art adds to the lunacy. Perker could very well be illustrating a children’s book–the art is lush, expressive and pleasant. Todd and his family are the only things out of place in the idyllic setting. Well, the serial killer too.

Kristensen’s finish for the issue is one long series of jokes about small town cops. It’s funny, but doesn’t indicate where the series is going. But given the quality of this issue, Todd should work out just fine.


Writer, Ken Kristensen; artist and letterer, M.K. Perker; colorist, Cemal Soyleyen; publisher, Image Comics.

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