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X Isle (2006) #3


I was three-quarters of the way through the issue before I realized why it’s so much better—in addition to Greg Scott getting to do daylight jungle scenes and weird creatures—it’s better because the scientist’s daughter isn’t in it. She’s been kidnapped by parties unknown; her dad, her love interest, and Sam Jackson want to go get her; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, and Michael Biehn-type don’t want to go get her. They’re going to argue about it for at least two too many pages before they split up.

It’s a strange case of absence improving: writers Andrew Cosby and Michael A. Scott aren’t any better at the dialogue this issue; there’s just none of the horrible missing character. Kind of going to be a bummer when they rescue her because you can’t let Elisha Cuthbert die off in a summer movie.

(The comic’s from 2006).

A lot has to do with Scott’s art. He uses shadowy figures in long shots so he doesn’t have to draw them, and it’s an unsuccessful device, much like his photo-referencing. Scott should’ve just cast everyone like Sam Jackson and the Rock; at least then, he keeps the characters distinct. The bland white guy (Tim Allen?) dad and the bland white guy love interest look pretty much identical. So much so I think the colorist gets them confused at one point.

But the jungle backgrounds and the monsters are fantastic. The story might break out better to a comic this issue, though there’s at least one scene Scott can’t figure out how to do. He’s got problems with chase scenes as well, probably because of the shadowy figures in long shot business.

It’s a far better issue than I was expecting. I hope at least Scott’s upwards trajectory continues. No way the writing can hold once the obnoxious daughter’s back.

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