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Legends of Tomorrow (2016) s06e05 – The Satanist’s Apprentice

This episode goes far in reminding how much better Olivia Swann is at being likable than villainous. It’s her episode—and sort of Matt Ryan’s—recapping what she’s been doing all season since she hasn’t been with the main cast. She’s been suffering in Ryan’s giant mansion, which is falling apart and doesn’t have internet and the neighbors are racist. Ryan promises to fix things with magic but he’s always too busy getting busy with girlfriend Tala Ashe (who are mostly just adorable together when onscreen).

Swann’s so frustrated she helps Aleister Crowley (voiced by Matt Lucas) escape into Ryan’s body and they plan on using magic to get Swann on her feet. All that story is set before the previous episode’s cliffhanger, which has the main cast needing to crash at Ryan and Swann’s.

Meanwhile, Caity Lotz finds out more about her mysterious captor (Raffi Barsoumian) while turning to convince some of the Jes Macallan clones—Barsoumian’s the creator of the clone line—to revolt and help her escape. To limited success. With a big “Wynonna Earp” reference in the narrative; so big it’s a surprise they’re not on the same network.

Loitz also directs the episode and does an outstanding job. Swann’s arc gets a little too easy in the narrative—and Lotz’s own arc is mostly padding—but when it’s time to get really weird, Loitz and the show handle it beautifully. Turns out getting help from Crowley (I’m not sure if Lucas voices over Ryan, but it seems likelier the more I think about it) isn’t going to go well for Swann, Ryan, or the rest of the team.

No one really gets much to do besides Swann, Lotz, Ryan, Macallan, and Lucas; Ashe gets a little, Shayan Sobhian gets a little (but mostly just in voice acting). Macallan’s okay with the clone stuff but they’ve done all they can do with it after an episode. There’s also a setup for another season story line, which just happens to coincide with the two already in progress. We also get to see Barsoumian’s master plan but it’s only theoretical at this point.

Barsoumian’s fine. The story’s going to make or break his big bad.

It’s a decent episode then an awesome episode once they get around to the cliffhanger resolution, with only a few missteps and thin scenes by the finish. I noticed Lotz’s name on the directing credit so I was a little more observant than usual maybe; she does a really good job. Like, Swann gets a great showcase episode here, starting with the opening Flashdance riff.

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