Croft (2013, Trevor Addie)

If something is only twenty minutes long, how bad can it really be? Well, thanks to sitcoms and Croft, it’s obvious things can be very bad. But Croft is more than bad–it’s painful. Watching nerdy villain Liam Carter threaten his hostage, a terrible Devyn Dalton, listening to the actors spout out the awful dialogue from director Addie and co-writer Irma Evangelista… well, it’s trying.

All Addie really does with Croft is redo “Tomb Raider” (the film’s uncredited–except the title–source) with some Hunger Games thrown in. And a lot of bad direction. There’s some okay direction too, when Addie is aping things like Games and has ostensible lead Cassandra Ebner running through the forest shooting people with arrows. But, mostly, the direction is bad.

The photography’s bad, the sound design is bad, the acting’s bad. Croft’s just bad.

And only being twenty minutes isn’t even a conciliation.

1/3Not Recommended


Edited and directed by Trevor Addie; screenplay and story by Addie and Irma Evangelista, based on a character created by Toby Gard; director of photography, Stirling Bancroft; produced by Addie and Evangelista.

Starring Cassandra Ebner (The Hero), Liam Carter (The Villan), Devyn Dalton (The Girl), Nickolas Baric (Henchman) and Shaw Madson (Captured Camper).


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