Doom Patrol (2019) s02e05 – Finger Patrol

I’m not great at tracking the “Doom Patrol” creatives but I remembered Chris Dingess was working out and Shoshana Sachi was one of the good writers, so I had good feeling going into Finger Patrol and it does not disappoint. Maybe the most surprising part is how well things work out for Joivan Wade and Karen Obilom, with Wade… good in the arc? In fact, he carries some of their scenes now. It’s a really fast improvement.

The Wade and Obilom arc starts as Wade and Robotman (Brendan Fraser voicing, Riley Shanahan perambulating) go to visit Wade’s dad Silas Stone (wonderful to see in his first appearance this season) and then Wade decides he’s got to resolve the Obilom situation. Meanwhile Fraser has decided it’s time for them to become a crime-fighting duo, which goes horrifically, comically wrong. Because, of course.

Back at the mansion, Timothy Dalton is positively gleeful daughter Abigail Shapiro is playing with Diane Guerrero’s child-like personality. It comes right after a truly terrible scene with Guerrero having it out with Dalton about their past; it should be good, it seems to be well-written, and you can see Guerrero… trying… but every time it could connect, it doesn’t.

It’s rough. So rough the obnoxious child personality is a welcome break.

Is it a good idea for Guerrero and Shapiro to play given their incredible abilities and inability to control them? Probably not, but Dalton is a terrible father.

Speaking of terrible fathers, this episode seems to be a resolution—for the time being—to the John Getz as Matt Bomer’s son subplot, which has Bomer and April Bowlby (who gets a very good C plot about trying out for community theatre) going to help Getz and the other men in the family clean out a house. Shocking and upsetting revelations abound.

It’s a really good episode with truly distressing finales for most of its arcs; Dingess and Sachi’s structure is phenomenal.

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