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Doom Patrol (2019) s02e04 – Sex Patrol

At some point someone working on “Doom Patrol” decided they weren’t messing around and gave Alan Mingo Jr. a truly devastating speech about transgender people’s humanity—to Joivan Wade—and it’s a wow aside in the episode. Sex Patrol goes all the way from hilarious to terrifying to, well, titillating but when Mingo delivers that monologue… everything else stops (in just the right way).

Mingo is back because Danny the Street is in trouble and they called out to all the for Danizens (Danny the Street is so well done I’m just going with it). Mingo—along with gone since last season but still as scantily clad and wholesome as ever Devan Long—shows up at the mansion, interrupting Timothy Dalton trying to lie to Abi Monterey about things being okay, and get the literal party started.

Monterey, despite being an almost life-long Danizen herself, never got to go to a Danny party and she really wants to stay up for this one, which gives the episode it’s fantastic “Hours til Bedtime” device. So good. Not sure if it was writers Eric Dietel and Tanya Steele who came up with it but it’s perfect.

The episode mostly follows Monterey and her attempts to stay up late without Dalton finding out. Only she’s got a terrifying invisible monster friend who’s telling her she needs to start a lot of real trouble, which leads to a very difficult arc for Monterey. Her casting is really working out for the show.

But while the narrative follows Monterey it’s because the bigger plot line needs to have some surprise value for maximum effect. See, April Bowlby needs a big favor from Long and neither of them really understand the ramifications of him granting her request. But it leads to a fantastic, action-packed finale….

Right before the appropriately terrifying, absolutely heartbreaking cliffhanger. Because it turns out the real plot line of the episode—and the season so far, actually—is how the entire team are bad dads. Except Wade. He’s just on his way toward it. And Bowlby. Though she’s got the bad dad in her too.

The hopeful part is it’s about why they shouldn’t be bad dads. But it also might be too late.

So good. And also frequently hilarious because of the Robotman (Brendan Fraser talks, Riley Shanahan walks) ecstasy subplot.

Not a typo.

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