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Doom Patrol (2019) s02e06 – Space Patrol

I thought last episode was good, this episode’s even better. In fact, it might fully realize translating comics to film, with Dorothy (Abi Monterey) running as far away from dad Timothy Dalton as she can. Keep in mind dad Dalton has various space ships sitting around the property, which surprises the other characters a little too much. Dalton and Robotman (Brendan Fraser, who gets to do the hard scenes this episode and make them work, and Riley Shanahan has some giant steps to take) have to track her down, leaving Matt Bomer in charge at the mansion.

Now, Bomer’s bent out of shape because of the recent family troubles and he doesn’t really want to entertain returning astronauts Mariana Klaveno, Derek Evans, and Jason Burkey—they want to see Dalton–but then it turns out Bomer and Klaveno have a whole bunch in common. So Bomer gets a great character arc here. Klaveno’s great too. Kristin Windell’s going to do some strong direction throughout, between the big effects location and the various performances—we’ll get to Diane Guerrero in a second here—there’s something really nice about the Bomer and Klaveno arc, giving him someone not on the team to interact with is good.

Same thing goes for Joivan Wade and Karen Obilom, who spend the day swapping stories about cybernetic enhancements.

April Bowlby’s got an arc with the community theatre, which gives Bowlby some good material while still just being the C plot.

So then the other big plot is Guerrero. Things are in trouble down in the Underground, which is the place where Guerrero’s personalities hang out and stuff—now, this season they’ve got Guerrero playing even less of the personalities, which is whatever—and there’s a big political thing going on. The most interesting part—besides it being directed for horror but not played for it (it’s not bad, just like, why does it look like Rob Zombie’s Halloween)—is finally realizing Jackie Goldston is playing “Secretary,” not Miss Harrison, the only persona where Guerrero does a good job.

There’s great final twist and cliffhanger. “Doom Patrol”’s got some fantastic momentum this season.

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