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The Auteur: Sister Bambi (2015) #1

The Auteur Sister Bambi  1

The Auteur is back and it’s a little different. The jokes are broader, it’s less actually offensive and more obviously offensive. Writer Rick Spears knows he’s got an audience now and he’s got some idea of what they want. Movie jokes. Lots of movie jokes. Like a Dracula’s Dog joke.

There’s still a lot of energy to the comic, regardless of how the dialogue gags work–James Callahan is a little light on details but there’s plenty of action.

The protagonist, whose name I’ve sort of forgotten (not sort of, entirely), doesn’t get identified in the issue by name. Spears is definitely writing for the returning reader.

There’s nothing exactly wrong with Sister Bambi, it’s just a lot more conventional. And not even in the conventions The Auteur made for itself last time. It’s hard to get excited about it; inventive, moderately effective movie jokes can only go so far.

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